Diamond Mosaic

Diamond tiles as a exclusive element of your interior

The glamour interior is mostly characterised by a timeless style full of taste and elegance. This effect is achieved thanks to furniture and accessories. There are however elements of design that help the interior look more exclusive, even though they are not so obvious. The diamond mosaic tiles are one of the solutions which will add more sophistication to your interior! What is the diamond mosaic and why is it so impressive? Keep reading to find out.

Diamond tiles - what makes them so special?

The diamond mosaic is a refined product characteristic to places that also have decorative elements to them. The diamond tiles are the product of the glass chamfering - every tile has to go through this process in order to amaze with its diamond shine effect. It is thanks to glass chamfering that the glass can beautifully shimmer in the light.
The diamond tiles are a perfect choice for spaces like kitchens and bathrooms. They can be put on either whole walls or only some chosen spots as a decoration.

Wide range of choice of diamond mosaic tiles in our Primavera Home online store

If the diamond mosaic is the element of interior you have just fallen in love with, check our Primavera Home online store and all the diamond tiles available there!
If you love distinctive colours that catch your attention, check our diamond Helen and Kristina tiles. They both have an intensive red colour that will magnetise all your guests. For all the fans of subtler colours, our Primavera Hone experts have prepared diamond tiles with silver elements. The Hermione mosaic with black-and-white chess pattern is another great solution.
Primavera Home also has two purple mosaics, Anne and Katie, for those of you who love this royal colour.

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